Doing it

“Just fucking do it” I love this gem from my horseback riding lesson yesterday. So true. I, and other people, spend so much time overthinking, analyzing, planning, and thinking some more… that we forget to fucking do it. And you know what? After I had that little discussion I rode SO much better and my… Read More Doing it

What If

Saw If/Then again yesterday, last time I saw it was in NYC earlier this year. I needed to hear the message behind this show again.   Sometimes I feel like I’m hounded by the What Ifs in life, by the fates and choices that led me to where I am. Some are good, some neutral and some… Read More What If

My inner cheetah

Happy Halloween! Sometimes you just have to embrace your inner cheetah (or service lion). Cassius won Best Overall Costume last weekend at DogFest Wine Country last weekend, and didn’t seem that annoyed with his lion mane! He was a good boy, as always! 


In the rare disease community, so much is written about finding people who share your same condition. And while that is indeed valuable, one of the most impactful parts of my MedicineX experience last weekend was how similar experiences are across varying conditions. That’s not necessarily a positive thing – the undercurrents of frustration, pain… Read More Communities


This weekend I am going to MedX, a big conference this weekend about tech, social media and health. Super-excited! They have an espresso bar. Enough said. Had a great riding lesson today! Big takeaways: horse has four feet (duh), counting one two three four helps so much with getting a good collected walk; sitting trot:… Read More Miscellany