Moebius syndrome and fashion emergencies


I have more meaningful posts I will write. But for now, some levity:

That rare moment when having Moebius syndrome equates to a fashion emergency.

I don’t walk around saying “gosh, my right leg is so much skinnier than my left leg” but every so often I am reminded about that. Usually when trying on or wearing knee-high boots.

But these sweatpants just hang/don’t hang in precisely the wrong way on me so I end up continually trying to make them even. Luckily they’re soft and I otherwise like them, and I’ll forgive looking completely disheveled for hanging around.

I learned my lesson: no more three-quarter length sweatpants with tight bottoms for me!


One thought on “Moebius syndrome and fashion emergencies

  1. Sylvie says:

    Try out baggy pants or long skirts, that completely cover your legs. With the skirts you can wear thick stockings, whatever. Don`t wear knee-high boots, they won`t be comfortable. Experiment with other kinds of winter footwear – they look fashionable with the long, warm skirts and nobody will notice anything. 🙂 Good luck!

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