This video literally made me cry.

As someone who went through 10+ years of speech therapy due to Moebius syndrome (facial pareisis), I can’t tell you how much I would have benefited from having a facility dog there! I actually didn’t mind my private speech therapy sessions, usually (I was lucky to have a few really good therapists). But doing it week after week, year after year gets a bit old.

Speech is also funny when it comes to my dog. Cassius understands me perfectly. I actually don’t get mis-understood that much anymore (I think thanks to all that TalkTools work I did), but when I do… I can’t help but think “hey, if a dog can understand me… you should be able to figure it out!”

I know, not particularly nice. But I can’t help myself since I now have a yellow, furry, slobbery guy who understands me perfectly.


2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (actually, word-full)

  1. Love this! Cannot help but smile. 🙂 I have something called auditory processing disorder (considered a learning disability), and while I hear sounds fine, you have trouble processing sounds correctly. Because of this, I couldn’t talk well and had a lot of speech therapy when I was younger. Seeing Tillie work with these kids makes my heart smile!

  2. Aside from Tillie, that therapist seems AMAZING. Wish there were more like her in this world. Anyhow, that was a great idea to use a dog in speech therapy. Great post, Natalie!

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