Work has been stressful lately. Won’t go in to a lot of details… but it just is. I started doubting things, wondering if there is something attainable and better that is also realistic. I started looking at other opportunities.

But yesterday evening, I was out to dinner with my parents at a nice restaurant near my apartment (never mind the fact that I’d come from the barn in the middle of a rainstorm – yes, this horse has a nice dry stall…she just chose not to partake of it) 

  …and one of the frequent patrons came up to my parents and I at our table and complemented my service (and my speed, which I thought was hilarious). It was slightly embarrassing, but also gratifying!

Working in public services is not always easy. We get yelled at a surprising amount. Sometimes people are entitled and rude and just completely unthinking about the realities of a public institution. It’s easy to get jaded. I doubt myself too much.

But then things like this happen and make it worthwhile. This doesn’t mean that I am not still searching for new, different opportunities… but I sure do like getting legit positive feedback from patrons!



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